Terra Madera: Red Leopardskin Jasper Triple Happiness Bracelet

Keep negative energy away with the powerful protection of our Red Leopardskin Jasper Terra Madera Triple Happiness Bracelet.  Featuring all-natural, semi-precious Red Leopardskin Jasper gemstones with a special matte finish combined with sustainable Rosewood beads from the Philippines.

This Jasper can provide strength, vitality, and and stability.  It is also a protective and grounding stone like other jaspers.

Red Leopardskin Jasper was selected as one of the Jasper gemstones to be part of our special limited edition 'Terra Madera' Collection for Earth Day.  It is a stone whose appearance resembles the the pattern of the animal of its namesake, the leopard.  The rich pattern of spots and shapes combine a color range of reds, greys, blacks, and gold.  



be grounded.

be balanced.

be tranquil.


Beads:  8mm

Circumference:  7.5"