SEVEN CHAKRAS 108 Bead Namaste Mala Necklace

This 108-bead, unisex mala necklace combines hand-strung, sustainable robles wood beads with seven all-natural, semi-precious gemstones. Inspired by the Namaste hand position, the hand-knotted gemstone pattern at the bottom of the mala is designed to look like two hands in prayer when turned upside down.

Each gemstone in the necklace represents one of the seven chakras, helping you align your chakras for a greater sense of well-being. Made with 8mm beads for a longer-hanging necklace, the handcrafted mala features a tassel with threads representing all seven gemstones.

It also includes a dangling Om charm and guru bead, whose Sanskrit mantra inscription is one of the most sacred in existence: Om Mani Padme Hum, “O radiant jewel in the lotus of my heart, please shine brightly. May my heart have the strength to feel compassion for all sentient beings.”

Beads: 8mm
Circumference: 36"

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