Flourite Faceted Lovely Lotus Tassel Bracelet

From the Latin word fluo - meaning "to flow," which describes the way its many colors flow into one another - rainbow flourite is a calming and relaxing stone that enhances free thinking, concentration, and creativity.

As a highly protective stone, it can help to wards off negative energy, shield you from manipulation, and relieve tension and anxiety.  As a stone of structure, it can assist in bringing order to your life, improve decision-making skills, and boost your self-confidence.

MANTRA:  be aware.  be inspired.  be peaceful.

Rainbow Flourite is a beautiful transparent gemstone with a gorgeous array of colors: palette of seagreen, blue, light purple, clear,and purple. It is also a stabilizing stone that can help keep you grounded, sharpen your intuition, and improve mental clarity.  It is also useful for grounding spiritual energy.

This Lovely Lotus Tassel Bracelet is made with Faceted Rainbow Flourite beads and comes with a coordinating detachable tassel, toggle and extender chain so it can adjust to many wrists sizes.

Beads:  8mm

Circumference:  7.5" + extender chain

Tassel length:  1"

SKU:  AX5200-RFF