MDM (Mala del Mar) Gemstone Mix Women's Stretch Bracelet

From our new Mala del Mar Collection.  

Mala del Mar, or mala of the sea is a special collection inspired by the seasides, beaches, and ocean fronts I have traveled to around the world.  From the gorgeous turquoise waters of the Caribbean, to the azure Sea of Cortez,  to aquamarine lagoons in the island of Palawan to the cerulean of the Pacific Ocean near my home, I have always been drawn to these waters and shades of blue.  I find them to be calming, peaceful, tranquil, relaxing, reflective, and refreshing.

Our Mala del Mar 8mm Women’s Mix Stretch Bracelet is made with sustainable Amazonite, Angeliete, and Aquamarine semi-precious gemstones. This bracelet exudes the feeling of being by the sea or beach with the calming blue hues. Wear by itself or stack with our other Mala del Mar faceted gemstone stretch bracelets for a luxe seaside vibe.


be calm.
be peaceful.
be tranquil.

Our Mala del Mar Gemstone mix is a combination of three beautiful blue and green toned gemstones which were selected for their resemblance to the sea.

May these beautiful shades of blue and soothing gemstones remind you of the restorative nature of water.  May the holistic properties of these semi-precious gemstones help provide your soul with serenity and achieve a state of enlightened self-awareness as vast as the sea.




- promotes communication

Amazonite is a healing stone that encourages you to discover your own truth, live in harmony, and more easily express your thoughts and feelings. Named after the Amazon River, where it was first discovered, amazonite helps to clear your head and manifest your dreams.

It enhances loving communication toward yourself and others, while awakening compassion and empathy for those around you. As a soothing stone, it calms the mind, alleviates worry and provides balance in all aspects of your life.


- promotes awareness

Angelite is a peaceful stone which promotes compassion, increases understanding and helps you speak your truth.  As a type of anhydrite, a crystal made of calcium sulfate, Angelite gets its name from its ability to help you connect with your angels and spirit guides, strengthening your spirituality and allowing you to achieve enlightenment. 

It eases expression, keeps you calm during difficult conversations, and encourages forgiveness and empathy.  As a stone of heightened awareness, it sharpens your perception, increases your energy, and provides you with a sense of peace and tranquility.


-promotes reflection

Aquamarine is a calming stone that helps one reach a higher state of consciousness.  As a reflective stone it is wonderful for meditation.  As a healing stone, it helps provide greater courage and clarity, while encouraging the wearer to approach humanity with compassion.

 Beads:  8mm

Circumference:  7.25" 


SKU:  AX4302-MIX