Las Perlas


      Our Las Perlas Collection was designed with the intention of showcasing the craftsmanship and talent of our fair trade cooperative of women artisans in the Philippines and to honor Mother Nature’s gracious gift from the sea, the freshwater pearl. When I first connected with our artisan cooperative I was impressed with their high quality hand-knotted pearls and knew one day I would design something special with them using pearls. Some fashion trends come and go yet pearls remain timeless. We have put a modern twist on them by incorporating them with natural silk cord creating a light and delicate feeling of effortless simple style.

      Freshwater pearls are naturally formed in harmony from the water energy of the sea when a grain of sand is captured inside a living species, a mollusk. Several layers of pearly substance form around it as a defense. As the pearl layers build up a circle known as nacre starts forming which becomes a pearl. These layers develop an iridescence which makes pearls so beautiful and unique. Freshwater pearls are especially unique as the natural process can develop pearls of different shapes, sizes, and color. Pearls are considered to be a gem, not a stone or crystal.