LOVE:Triple Happiness Unisex Stretch Bracelet made with Rosewood, Rose Quartz + Heart charm


- promotes love -

MANTRA:  be love. be compassion. be restored.

Rose Quartz is a crystal of unconditional love that enhances compassion, peace, tenderness and comfort. Known as the "Heart Stone", it helps you heal emotional wounds and resentments, allowing you to give and receive love from others.

It attracts love, deepens your bond with friends and family, and helps you see the beauty in all beings and nature. As a nurturing stone, it is calming, reassuring and helps you find personal fulfillment. It strengthens your sense of empathy and helps you accept necessary change.

The rose quartz heart charm is the ultimate symbol of love.  Since Rose Quartz is synonymous with love we felt this charm was the perfect choice for this design.  May this heart shaped Rose Quartz charm help to attract love, provide you with a greater sense of compassion, and bring you comfort.

Beads: 8mm

Circumference: 7.5"